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All About Southwest Ghost Finders~SWGF~


Southwest Ghost Finders was put together by three co-workers who discovered they shared a common interest, the paranormal.These three co-workers planned a trip to Waverly Hills; the topic of conversation during the long drive was each of the ladies desire to join a paranormal research group but all contact attempts to join groups locally went ignored. So the ladies made their own group.

Thus Southwest Ghost Finders began.



SWGF has grown into a team of individuals who are dedicated to learning more about the paranormal and helping others along the way. The team consists of a group individuals who are very professional and serious about the paranormal but are fun to be around.The team respects the individuality of each person and situation.


We are a very diverse team. We do not use labels. All the investigators bring a unique style and input to the team and to say one is better than another is just wrong. We are a team. We work together for two common goals~help our community and to learn more about the paranormal. We are very serious about the paranormal, we have done several investigations public and private, our public investigations are on the site. We respect the privacy of our clients so investigation reports of private homes will not be posted but with the permission of the client we will share evidence. We NEVER Charge for our services~We are here to serve and help you. We are discreet and respect everyones privacy.


Southwest Ghost Finders is a group of open minded individuals, who beleives in teamwork among ourselves and with  other groups. SWGF thinks all paranormal groups should work together,in support of each other.Instead of being in competition with each other. The team respects each individuals way of investigating realizing that there is a number of ways to investigate and each way brings a bit more education to vague field. That there is no right or wrong in this field. It is the job of the investigator to explore new avenues to communicate with paranormal beings.