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~Southwest Ghost Finders Posts Public Investigations Only~

            ~ to protect the privacy of our clients~

~However with the client's permission we will share results on evidence page~




Pythian Castle:

The very first Investigation by the Group. The Pythian is a amazing part of Springfield History. A very beautiful Castle with a historical background.During the investigation there were numerous personal experiences. A couple of EVP's and some strange pictures. But unfortunatley SWGF was part of a group tour and did not get to do a private investigation, and because of legal issues the castle the group has been unable to re-investigate. Please see for more information.



Waverly Hills :

Waverly Hills is as big in life as it appears on TV. It is a huge building that sits on top of a hill. When driving up to waverly a person can see a peek of it through the trees. Upon drivng up to the building all the investigators reported a sense of the building watching them. The death tunnel was a strange experience for all the investigators. There was a pulling force felt by all in the tunnel. In the halls of Waverly there were moving shadows and strange footprints in the water that was in the floor. We did catch a few EVP's that was interesting.


Peace Church Cemetery:

The burial place of Billy Cook. This place is a sad place indeed. The grass is waist high if not higher. Several of the headstones are broken, cracked or knocked over. Upon entering the cemetery two investigators got very ill. They were sick to their stomachs, felt very short of breath, their heads were swimming and just did not feel well. An attempt to do a investigation was made. An interesting event with a Video camera did occur. The battery on the camera had died, so the camera was sit on the bumper of the teams vehicle. Upon packing up to leave the camera was forgotten on the bumper. To exit the cemetery it is a up hill incline. The group left the cemetery then noted the camera was absent. So the group returned to cemetary to look for the camera. But the camera was not found in the cemetery. It was found up the road, away from the entrance of the cemetery by two stone pillars on the side of the road, in a direction that was not traveled by the group as they left. The camera was also on but not recording, when earlier the batteries had died. 

Two other team members went back to further investigate the cemetery in the middle of the day and it was just as active !!


Ole Spanish Fort Cemetery:

This cemetery is famous in local folklore.It is tucked into the country side and hard to find. It is reputed to be very active with paranormal activity.This cemetery is very old with fragile stones scattered everywhere.Headstones can be found in the trees, and weeds. This night the residence were at peace. There really was not much experienced by the investigators and no evidence of paranormal activity was caught.


Arcadia Valley Academy:

Arcadia Valley Academy is a beautiful place with a  large campus. This former academy is now owned privately. This place was once a catholic academy for girls. There is a cemetery on the grounds, a church, gym, cafeteria, library, theater and of course dorms for the girls and the nuns. There is also a Bishops house for the priests. The owners have done an amazing job at restoring this beautiful old place and now have a Bed and Breakfast in the Bishops house and the girls dorms.

Despite a few bad experiences with some paranormal groups the owners continued to be generous enough to allow some groups in for a investigation. So for the cost of a room in the Bed and Breakfast we got to roam the place all night long without restriction and was even served breakfast in the morning. SWGF wants to thank the owners for allowing us in their home and trusting us despite their past experiences. We also would like to Thank Belinda of Haunted Missouri for arranging it all and taking the time to investigate with the team despite being ill.

Our investigation of the academy was a experience that will not be forgot.The team had personal experiences suchs as hearing walking sounds outside their room but upon investigation there was nothing there. Laying in bed watching the bathroom door open and close. While in bed feeling a unseen  finger brush over the bottom of bare feet. A whisper in the ear from something unseen. But the ultimate experience was when the team took a picture of the bishops room.  We caught the image of a child in a mirror!!After speaking to the owners they reported they have had experiences that seemed to be children in that part of the house where the picture was captured. Of which the team did not know before hand, the information came to light the morning after the investigation at breakfast.

Thank You to owners of the Academy for allowing us in their home and being so kind to us. Thank you Belinda from Haunted Mo, SWGF will never forget our experiences there.





Kendrick House:

SWGF is frequent visitors to the Kendrick House. The group has done many investigations in this house and each time it does not disappoint. It is a beautiful old civil war house. SWGF is very grateful to Roberta and the Board for sharing this house with us. The team members have experienced lights with no electricity turning on then off,hearing voices, phantom smells of lavender and pipe smoke, just to name a few things. The house currently closed due to lack of funding.


Landers Theater~ Springfield Little Theater:

This is a beautiful theater with a lot of local history. Many people have stories of growing up in Springfield and going to the theater. Swgf wants to Thank Jamie for his time and the tour. The night seemed to be uneventful. But in the early hours of the morning the stage became very active.There were shadows moving, hammering noises on the stage, voices being heard back stage, a team member reports seeing a full bodied apparition perhaps of a the former maintence man. It was a experience we are greatful for. Thank you Landers.


Villisca Axe Murder House:

This house has a very sad history. While a family of six and two visitng girls slept in their beds someone broke into this home and killed them all with a Axe. It had been suggested that SWGF investigate this house after it was seen on a television program.  So a call was placed to Darwin and the team headed to Iowa.

The team meet Darwin, the homes owner, at a local cafe, where he shared some of the stories linked to the house and the family that was murdered there. Darwin also has a museum that he took the team through which had a large array of historic items. After our tour of the museum Darwin took us to the house. Upon arriving and entering the house the teams felt an array of things. Some the things experienced was a few members report headaches, a sense vertigo, back pain and a overwhelming sense of saddness. It is hard to describe the general feeling of the house, when a person enters there is just a sense of sadness, coldness and emptiness. After the tour of the house Darwin left the house to the team. The team had to return to the hotel and get all the equipment .  

The house on this night was quiet. There was not  much activity going on. But there were loud space heaters through out the house which made evp work very hard, but to cold not to have them. Nothing was found on pictures or video. There is several items placed in the house by visitors for the children and family. There are toy balls which are said to roll on their own , so the team attempted to catch this on video but no luck this night. We did however get one awesome EVP. Even with the house being quiet, SWGF is thankful for being allowed to spend the night.  Our thanks to Darwin for being so kind and sharing the history with us.




Prosperity Bed & Breakfast:

SWGF would like to thank the owners for allowing our group in their home and being so tolerant of our late arrival. This place is a beautiful bed and breakfast with a amazing part of Missouri  history tied  to it and the owners have done an amazing job at preserving this beautiful old building. 

After a tour of this beautiful building the team set about sitting up the equipment. The team divided into two groups, one group began upstairs and one group started downstairs. The team members experienced a number of things, one of which was supported by the voice recorders. The downstairs team were siting  in the palor doing evp work when they heard noises from a storage room that had the entrances locked, no one could enter or exit. Then the sounds of feet running across the wooden floor. But the highlight of the evening came bout when the team assembled in the palor and began listening a voice recorder. The K-2 meter that had been placed on the table began lighting up and it was caught on camera, then upon review a evp was found of a baby or child making a sound. All in all it was a good night.

Our thanks goes to the owners of the Prosperity School for allowing us to investigate in their home and share the experience.


Glore Psychiatric Museum:

On May 9th Southwest Ghost Finders investigated the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri. This museum houses three separate museums, which included the Black Archives Museum, Glore Psychiatric Museum, and St. Joseph Museum of Native American mid-western history.  This facility once housed a working psychiatric hospital for many years.It used to sit on 1700 acres, the older buildings are now being used by the Missouri Department of Corrections as a men's prison.  The curator, Cathy, was very welcoming to our research team and we would like to extend our gratitude to her and the Museum Inc.  Belinda from Haunted Missouri was invited to attend, with her she brought four members. It is always a pleasure to work with other paranormal research teams. 


We left on May 9, 2009 around noon to make the 3.5 hour drive to St. Joseph, Missouri from our hometown of Springfield, Missouri.  We met with Haunted Missouri at the historic township of St. Joseph for dinner at Barbosa’s Mexican Restaurant.  From there, we met up at the museum where we had exclusive rights to the grounds from 8:00 pm until 1:00 am.  Our investigation centered on Glore Psychiatric Museum.  The museum is composed of 4 floors.  We concentrated our efforts on the four floors of the museum.


During the investigation, there were several personal experiences.  One experience that particularly stands out is that one of our investigators, along with a guest investigator from Haunted Missouri, were locked in an undisclosed area by an unseen force.  After about 30 minutes, the two were allowed to open the door to leave, after going through the door it slammed shut behind them as they exited.  It is a very heavy door that has to be pushed to open or close. Many others had the feel of being followed and watched in this area.  We were able to pick up several EVP’s from the different floors during the investigation.  These are located on the EVP page on our site.